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ComNav releases Quantum algorithm for its OEM boards

ComNav Technologies has released its new generation Quantum algorithm to international market. The Quantum algorithm can be easily achieved through a firmware upgrade (version 2.5.2 and above), and suits all ComNav OEM boards and OEM-based receivers.

An upgrade to ComNav’s Quan algorithm, the Quantum algorithm dramatically improves the stability and reliability of RTK positioning in complex environments, as well as providing a DP-filter enhancement for the ComNav GNSS products.

Applications such agricultural guidance and fleet management, where pass-to-pass accuracy is important, will benefit from the advanced smoothing filter in standalone mode. The company’s testing shows smoother and consistent performance, reaching 20-cm pass-to-pass accuracy.

Moreover, the Quantum algorithm provides better CORS compatibility, which means that users can acquire and keep high-accurate solutions even if the CORS network exhibits a poor geometry distribution.

Now current version is 2.7.5



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